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Top reasons to start a travel blog

If you enjoy traveling, you should consider starting a travel blog. Setting up the blog is quite easy such that you can even do it without any professional help. You can get more info on how to do it from various sources online. You will enjoy many benefits by starting a travel blog, which gives you all the reasons to do so. Some of them are highlighted below.

Top reasons to start a travel blog

Sharing experiences

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You can choose to write an informative and useful travel blog or just write about your travel experiences from a personal perspective. Whichever the case, you get the opportunity to share what you write with the entire world. Getting many followers might be a bit difficult at the beginning so you might have to share with just friends and family. However, if you write interesting content on a regular basis, you will eventually gain a lot of traffic and followers to your blog.

Making money

There is a good opportunity for you to make money from your travel blog. This is more of the case if you get many followers. Some of the ways to do so include using affiliate marketing, advertising, and sales among many others. You can even turn it into your full-time business if you wish so and make a good living out of it.


Having a travel blog may act as a motivation or incentive for you to travel more. You will want to travel to many new places that you probably would not have considered otherwise, just so that you can be able to share the new experiences with the world. The blog will also help you to change your style of travel, as you will seek to capture as many details as possible.

Free travel

lady on holiday tripThere is a good chance of getting free or discounted travels. Many companies are usually willing to offer this to travel bloggers in return for getting exposure on the blogs. This is a benefit which you are likely to enjoy only if you have a significant number of followers, meaning that you have to work hard on your blog. Promoting images and writing reviews are some of the things which you may have to do in return.

Learning new skills

There are various skills which you may get to learn or improve on by simply writing a travel blog. Examples include photography, digital marketing, writing, and editing.