What You Need To Know About Paddling

Paddling is arguably one of the best and most thrilling water sports you can ever enjoy. It gives you an opportunity to have a firsthand interaction with nature and presents you with a great chance of enjoying the ambiance of being in a peaceful and serene environment. There are unlimited options for paddling if you want to experience the sport here’s 5 places to check out. Modern technology has greatly impacted paddling by enabling paddlers to enjoy the excitement and fun of using modern boats. Here are a few basic things that you should know about paddling:


Paddling equipment to buy


Most prospective paddlers rarely do an in-depth research on the best paddling equipment to purchase. This often makes it hard for them to be able to identify the right and necessary gear they require for paddling. For starters, there are few must-have pieces of equipment that you should possess before embarking on a paddling activity. This equipment includes a boat/canoe, paddles, float bag, helmet, and dry suit/paddle jacket. Other items you should consider purchasing include a knife (comes in handy when the rope gets stuck under the raft) and sunscreen for protecting your face from severe sun and heat.


Learn how to paddle

Paddling is not something that you can do just right away without any form of training. Due to this, it is necessary to ensure that before you get into the water for a paddling session, you should know how paddling is done including all the dos and don’ts to observe. You can have an experienced paddler train you on how paddling should be done or even watch paddling tutorials on the internet.

Carry water and other applicable drinks

When out in the lake, sea or river paddling, it is possible to be severely dehydrated. This can be quite risky as severe dehydration can even lead to death. Due to this, there is need to ensure that you carry enough water for yourself and any other person who is going for the paddling escapade with you. It is advisable to carry more water than you would need especially if you are not certain about the length of time you will be paddling.

Ensure that you know how to swim

Swimming is a crucial skill for any paddler; whether newbie or pro paddlers. This is because accidents can happen at any time while in the water. In such cases, if you do not know how to swim you may end up in a dangerous situation. For instance, there are times when winds can be excessively strong and end up blowing over your canoe.

Take rescue courses

sksksksksskkssksPaddlers watch out for each other while in the water. As such, each paddler should know how to react in the event of an accident. This is very important as rescue skills can help in saving the life of a fellow paddler. Learn the necessary rescue skills that can come in handy when accidents occur while paddling.

Before you embark on a paddling activity, you should check the weather updates to ensure that you only paddle when the weather is right and ideal for paddling. Avoid paddling during stormy weather or when tides are likely to be very fierce.